I always have a fascination with football helmets for some reason. People like to collect electric trains, baseball cards, or whatever collections out there. For me, it’s the helmet. Out of sheer boredom at work, I surfed on the internet to keep myself updated with college helmets. And I stumbled upon Charles Arey’s website. I was in heaven.

Then I wondered if there is a high school version of Avery’s. Of course, it’s impossible to catalogue all of the high schools in the United States. Then I found Washington State and Missouri High School Helmet Projects, maintains by Mike Kersey. That was 4 or 5 years ago and only a few websites existed then. I was already an amateur with Photo Shop and Paint Pro Shop. So I emailed Mike and asked how he does it. I like his template for helmets. He was really cool giving me the templates and tutored me how to do the helmets.

Once I mastered making helmets, I decided to do Arizona. That was 7 or 8 years ago. I got sidetracked with family and jobs. Back on track with things settled, I finally got it going.

Why Arizona? I graduated from Westwood High, in Mesa, in ’87. I follow high school football every year since then.

The Helmet Project will never be completed. High school helmets changes more often than colleges. So it'll be a never-ending project for me.