Is your high school helmet missing or missing a logo on a helmet? You can help. I just don't have right details or no details. I rely on media coverage, for example and some of various high schools' websites. Unfortunately, it's not enough. Hopefully, you'll be able to help fill in the blanks. You can email me if you want to help.    
    Pictures of Helmets    
    A really good picture of a helmet helps. Be sure there’s plenty of light in a picture. I won’t be able to differentiate the colors if a picture is taken in the dark. A close up of a helmet is the best. If a helmet has stripes, then I’d need a picture of it as well. Here are the examples… (photos from
    Color of Helmets    
    Here are the standards and common colors of the helmets. Facemask colors are the same as the helmets. But it doesn’t hurt to ask a coach or an equipment manager of your school what are their colors. They usually know the specific colors are.    
Carolina Blue
Columbia Blue
Dark Royal
Light Royal
Pacific Blue
Michigan Blue
Navy Blue
Royal Blue
Royal Metallic
Athletic Gold
Green Bay Gold
Notre Dame Gold
Sunflower Gold
Vegas Gold
Kelly Green
Kelly Metallic
Forest Green
    Stripes on Helmets    
    There are variations of stripes; the one stripe, the 3 stripes and the 5 stripes. I also included the unique stripes.
1 Stripe
3 Stripes
5 Stripes
NFL Broncos Stripe
NFL Ravens Stripe
NFL Panthers Stripe 1
NFL Panthers Stripe 2
Michigan Wing
NFL Bengals Stripes
NFL Rams Stripes
    Common and Popular Logos    
    A lot of high schools across the country use logos from colleges and the NFL. If your school uses a common and popular logo, be sure to be specific of which logo from college/NFL and the colors. Here are the examples..    
Green Bay
Barry Goldwater
Florida State
Kansas State
    Need Logo   Need Details    
    I have the details of a helmet but not a logo. Sometimes a logo can be unique and customized made. A scanned helmet decal of a logo or an image of a logo made for internet is perfectly acceptable. You can send me the logos by email.   Simply put, I don’t have any details of a helmet. Unfortunately, media coverage for smaller schools; Class A, AA, and sometimes AAA, are almost non-existent. That’s where I have a large number of helmets missing in those classes.    
    Scanned Logo    
    To scan an unique or customized logo, scanning a helmet decal is the best method. Best format to save a scanned logo would be in JPEG (most scanners are defaulted to JPEG format). PNG is acceptable. The size of the scanned logo is the biggest your scanner can allow. So I can clean up any blemishes on the logo if needed. You need not to worry if the scanned logo is sideways. If the decal has a white outline, try to have the decal placed on a dark colored paper. I will be able to see the white outline against the dark background. Here’s a sample of the Mingus logo. I got the scanned logo of Mingus’ helmet decal, came in JPEG and 3632x5216 in size.